Calling all "Pre-Ls"! This program is for motivated students who are about to enter their first year of law school, and/or pre-law students who are curious about what to expect in law school.
By the end of this program, you will know what to expect of the law school experience and be equipped with strategies and practical tips to help you succeed academically and professionally. You will be in a position to finish at the top of your class, thereby enhancing your chances at landing your dream legal job.

Prepare for Law School Wherever You Are.

Pre-Law Summer School: June 2 - July 29, 2023

The Harvard and Hardship Pre-Law Summer School is a virtual law school readiness course. The webinar-based course provides an overview of law school and includes:

  • 10 modules and quizzes
  • Weekly office hours, exclusive to summer school students
  • Course Manual - a workbook students use to complete the modules
  • Writing Guide - textbook students can use to help draft legal memos, legal briefs, law school exams, and law school research papers
  • One copy of Harvard and Hardship: A Beginner's Guide to College and Law School

Who is Pre-Law Summer School intended for?

0-Ls and Pre-Ls!

Meaning, this program is for:

1) highly-motivated people who are about to enter their first year of law school, and/or

2) highly-motivated people who have not yet been admitted to law school, but are still curious about the law school experience, including: what to expect, the structure and culture of law school, success strategies, and how to read and write for law school.

Who is Pre-Law Summer School NOT for?

This course is not intended for people who do not want to put in the work. Law school is hard, and the purpose of the Pre-Law Summer School is to give diligent students a head-start so they can enter law school confident and ready to have a successful law school experience. This course is not overwhelming, but it will require your attention and effort. If you do the hard work now, you will be in a better position to do well in law school.

What is Pre-Law Summer School NOT?

Pre-Law Summer School is not a law school admissions course.

The content of Pre-Law Summer School is not to help you get into law school.

Are You Ready For Law School?

Student Success Story

Your Instructor

My name is Angel Everett, and I am a trial attorney.

I had always excelled in my academics, but during my first semester at Harvard Law School, I began to feel like a fish out of water. In fact, I pretty much failed my first semester. However, once I figured out the law school game, I excelled. It then became so very clear that:

​Studying for law school is different, but not impossible. I would not have done so terribly if I just knew how to do law school. Why didn’t I know this? 

Well, the summer before I started law school (i.e. when I was a Pre-L), people told me to “Just relax before law school. 1L is hard. Have fun before you get there.” However, after fumbling through my first year, I distinctly remember wishing:

I wish I had completed a crash course in law school before starting. It wouldn’t have been so hard, and I would have been in a better position to have a successful first semester.

And that is why I created the Harvard and Hardship Pre-Law Summer School. It is the crash-course on what to expect in law school that I wish I had access to as a Pre-L. 

Program Outcomes

By the end of the Pre-Law Summer School, you will be equipped with a law school success strategy, including:

  • The ability to analytically read a case with a critical, "law school" eye.
  • Comfort in knowing how to approach the main types of law school exams and written assignments.
  • A non-academic (i.e., administrative) to-do list, so that you are on track to become a licensed attorney.
  • Practical advice on how to navigate the culture of law school.

Remember, grades are everything in law school, and this program will give you a head start by equipping you with the tool you need to succeed. That way, by the time law school actually begins, all you have to do is execute.

Curriculum Preview

  Module 0: Law School Lingo (Part I) (FREE WORKSHOP)
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Welcome and Orientation
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 1: Law School Fundamentals
Available in days
days after you enroll

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What are the lessons like?

Pre-Law Summer School consists of 10 modules that each cover a major portion of the law school experience. Each module consists of 3-6 lectures. As Angel explains basic legal jargon, concepts, and how to start off strong in law school, students will take notes in their workbook. (The outline notes are pre-typed in the workbook; Students need only to "fill in the blanks" by copying the text when it is displayed on the webinar screen.)

Also, students will have occasional reading assignments from the Writing Guide (the textbook), as well as from supplemental materials such as case excerpts.

2) How will I receive my course materials?

All materials are included in the cost of registration and will be shipped to the physical address you provide. However, at the moment we are not able to ship to destinations outside the continental U.S.

*The Course Manual is a physical workbook.

*The Writing Guide is a physical textbook.

*Supplemental materials (such as excerpts of case opinions) will become available for download once students log in to begin a module.

*A paperback copy of Harvard and Hardship: A Beginner's Guide to College and Law School will be shipped to students who enroll.

3) When do classes begin? How often do they meet?

Enrolled students will have access to the course immediately upon enrolling. However, courses are slated to start starting May 30, 2023. Although the lectures were recorded in a local studio in Tampa, FL, Pre-Law Summer School is a virtual, online program. Although there is a suggested schedule to follow, once the modules are released, you are able to complete them on your own time, at your own pace, from the comfort of your own, chosen location.

4) How long is the course?

8 weeks. However, it is self-paced, so feel free to go as fast, or as slow, as you please.

5) What are office hours?

Office hours are live small-group sessions where Angel will answer questions about the course material. They are held weekly. Enrolled students will receive a schedule with specific dates, times, and virtual location for the office hours.

6) For how long do I have access to the course?

Indefinitely. The hard-copy course materials (i.e. the workbook, Writing Guide, and the copy of Harvard & Hardship: A Beginner's Guide to College and Law School) are yours to keep. Also, once you enroll in Pre-Law Summer School, you will have access to the webinars indefinitely, thereby allowing you to watch the replays as many times as necessary throughout every phase of your law school experience, from the summer before 1L to the summer before you sit for the bar, and beyond (if your heart so desires).

7) I won't be starting law school right away. Should I enroll in Pre-Law Summer School now, or wait until the summer before I begin law school?

Although Pre-Law Summer School will open enrollment again in the future, it is highly doubtful that future registration will be offered again at the current rate. (The current rate is a promotional incentive.) However, once you purchase the program, you will have indefinite access to the course content. Meaning, if you purchased it at a promotional rate, if future registration is offered at a higher rate, you will remain "enrolled" in the system and have indefinite access to the modules. Also, you will be shipped the course materials with the current cohort, thereby allowing you to leave your course materials on the shelf until you are ready to begin the program.

 8) Will my payment information be secure?

Yes; Harvard and Hardship LLC neither handles nor processes your payment information. The platform we use to host the webinar (“Teachable”) uses 128-bit encryption to process your payment.

9) Are refunds available?

No. Because the student is given immediate access upon registering, course registration is non-transferable to other products or services offered by Harvard and Hardship LLC.

10) Is Angel available for one-on-one coaching?

Kind of. :-) I accept 5 people/month for law school admissions consultations (i.e., to craft strategies for personal statements, diversity statements, resumes, etc.). However, I will not be accepting new clients until August 2023. If you are interested in a one-on-one service, please click here to take the Law School Readiness Test. Taking the test will add you to my mailing list, where I send free law school tips and encouragement, as well as announcements regarding open availability for consultations.

11) Have other questions about the course that weren't covered above? Send an email to:

[email protected]